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Panax Ginseng, one of the world's most powerful herbs
Courses in herbal medicine ranging from basic to advanced are offered by all our distributors
Herbal medicine enables geriatric animals to stay active for their entire lives
Fields of Long Dan Cao (Gentian), a potent herb for the treatment of epilepsy in dogs

How to Use Herbs


Patients are highly responsive to and tolerant of appropriately prescribed herbal formulas, making them virtually free of side effects. Use our consult feature to help accurately prescribe. Suggested formulas have links to detailed descriptions, including known contraindications. Use all herbal formulations with extreme caution (if at all) in pregnant animals.

The usual dose for each of our granular extract formulas is 1 g (approximately 1/4 teaspoon) daily per ten to twenty pounds of body weight, to a maximum of 8 g daily. The usual dose for liquid extracts is 0.2 ml per 5 lbs of body weight one to four times daily. Doses are commonly divided, and given with food. Use higher doses for severe or acute disease. Use lower doses when unsure of the appropriateness of a formula, when treating very small animals, and for long term treatment.

Using Multiple Formulas

Use two or more formulas if one seems insufficient to address the main concerns of the patient, or during a transition to a new formula. If the animal improves further on the new formula, the transition is completed. Otherwise, the new formula is stopped and the old one continued.

Although different formulas can be administered simultaneously, it is best not to mix them. Instead, for optimum results, give the formulas at the time of day they work best: Green and Orange formulas in the morning, and Blue and Purple ones at night.

When multiple formulas are used, half doses of each frequently suffice.